About the Company

i-Net Integration Systems, LLC

i-Net Integration Systems, LLC (i-Net) was founded in 1996 by George Lopez-Henríquez. George had extensive experience in the computer support services prior to i-Net.

George Lopez-Henríquez holds a Engineering degree in Electronics and a Master Degree in Computer Sciences. He has been involved in the computer network design, implementation and support for distinct types of business.

George’s passions for technology run deep. He worked for his father’s Radio/TV repair shop while in high school. Later in college, as part-time, for a telecommunication company and then for his own digital electronic company.

After his university graduation he worked as an Electronic Engineer for the telecommunications group of LAGOVEN (PDVSA), a large oil exploration company in Venezuela. With a full scholarship, he pursued his Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

While in graduate school he worked for Technical Maintenance Service (TMS), Fairfield, NJ reaching the position of vice-president of field operation. With the responsibility of technical support and training for their technical personnel and customers.

George developed his love for helping others, a foundation of his business today. He also taught classes on Digital Electronics, Micro-Computer Technology, Novell Netware Certification and Microsoft Windows Servers.

In 1996 he founded i-Net with his first large project as a software developer for Residential Money Centers (RMC), Montvale, NJ to develop their mortgage application software using the client/server Object Pascal (Delphi) language with Microsoft SQL server. He also helps design and implemented their nation-wide network infrastructure.

i-Net reputation for excellent, reliable and cost-effective service spread through word-of-mouth and it has provided i-Net with a loyal customer base.

George brings to i-Net and its clients a unique balance of IT knowledge and work experience in both large and small businesses. He understands the IT needs of smaller companies. This enables him to become a partner with his clients. As a small business owner he also appreciates the importance of cost-effective allocation of resources and prices his services to fit client needs and budgets.

i-Net has focus its attention to the popularity of Microsoft family of products. As a Microsoft Action Pack Partner Solution Provider we get access to the latest Microsoft server and office applications and their training material.

Dedicate Test Servers

i-Net has multiple physical servers and large numbers of virtual machines (Hyper-v/VMWare) with diverse operating systems versions and configuration that are used to simulate data recovery, replications, customer’s upgrades, migrations, integration and test new products and new installations.


With our experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of various computing system. We take pride of been quality professionals with the knowledge and experience in optimizing your IT infrastructure.

i-Net can ensure the stability of your critical business computer network.

Our Philosophy

To provide our clients with a professional and quality service at affordable prices.

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