Windows XP reboots continuously


Windows XP reboots continuously


An error on the Windows load is requesting a reboot.


Disable the Automatic restart:

* You will have to do this quickly when you get into safe mode, or windows.
* Right click on “My Computer”
* Select Properties.
* Select Advanced Tab
* Click on Setting under “Startup and recovery”
* Then uncheck “Automatically restart”

That will allow you to stay in windows long enough to play around and possibly fix the problem you are having.

Try to repair the Windows XP Operating system.

* Reboot the computer with the Windows CD
* Follow the instructions as you are going to install Windows but choose the second ‘R’ repair request (not the first ‘R’).
* Windows will correct and replace the Windows files.
* When finish restarts your computer and test.

Apply to: Windows XP Professional

By George Lopez-Henriquez /

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