Information Technology Consulting

Computer service new jersey i-Net has experience serving businesses in the New Jersey and New York City Metropolitan area. We offer a full-line of IT Consulting Services for the design, implementation, and maintenance of secure and reliable Computer Networks.

Computer Networking

From wireless and wired local area networks (LAN) to secure wide area networks (WAN), with virtual private networking (VPN) capabilities for your remote offices or users, i-Net is the logical choice for your Computer Networking needs.


i-Net provides installation, configuration and backups of virtual machines. Microsoft Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008/2012 64-bit as a host architecture. Convert old Windows version from a native machine into virtual disk for migrations as a VM guest. Virtualization to run old OS’s at the top of the latest Windows versions if necessary. Also, VMware vSphere ESXi.

Wireless Networking

i-Net will configure and install your office Wireless LAN’s. Our knowledge and expertise in building and maintaining end-to-end wireless network connections. We secure your Wireless network to prevent unauthorized access. Allow roaming for large building space. Isolate your business network (LAN) from your wireless guests.

Network Cabling

i-Net specializes in providing a wide range of reliable, cost-effective voice, data and video infrastructure support services thru third party installer. These include: design, engineering, installation, documentation and maintenance of standards-based copper & fiber optic premise cabling systems.

Network Security

i-Net will work with you to secure your network infrastructure against unwanted access. Strict Firewall and Anti-Virus implementation. We will protect your most valuable asset; your information.

Email System Integration

i-Net will design, install, migrate, restore and/or support your company wide email system. With Microsoft Exchange® Server products and Office Outlook® as your email client you can share calendars, public folder, business contacts, and control Spam. With Outlook Anywhere and ActiveSync you can remotelly access your company email from anywere you are. We also provide email migration to the Cloud.

SharePoint® Services Integration

Microsoft SharePoint® is an companywide information portal, from Microsoft, that can be configured to run your company Intranet, Extranet and Internet sites. Microsoft SharePoint Services 2007/2010/2013 allows people, teams and project managers to connect and collaborate.

Microsoft SQL Server®

i-Net provides installation, configuration and backups of your SQL Server data tables, login and store procedures by implementing automated backup. In the event of a failure i-Net can recover a single database, multiple databases, a single SQL server instance or an entire server.

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